Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nelon Mural Tutorial

The mural at the end of day two

I was invited to Nelson to teach some artists all the little tricks and tips of  large scale exterior painting.  
Nikki Romney, above left, a brilliant portrait artist who works in oils was the instigator of this project and with many emails back and forth she found some funding for me for the travel expenses and a wall and worked up a design.
We screened her unfinished (!) design up with my overhead projector early Friday morning and Nikki had her first taste of working in acrylic. 
We were joined on Saturday by Betty Salter, an animal portrait artist mainly who can paint anything.
On the Sunday we were joined by five other artists and that was stressful but fun.
Karin Fruehauf, above right, was one of those five and she came back Monday too which was my last day on the job having allowed 4 days to impart my knowledge and experience and get it up and running and the final design worked out and with my three new artist mates onto it and confident.
Great to be working with other artists.

The mural is as yet unfinished but will be soon. Above, the latest photo of the progress.
Apart from guiding the project and showing how to make a safe and efficient working art studio
on a busy pavement I painted the girl's hair and the wall behind her.
Four different artists with four different styles and we made it work and had good fun.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Painting Puppies

 Above; a freshly painted Hush Puppy. Below the same dog distressed for artificial ageing

 And in the same shopping mall, about 100 metres away, I got to paint a second puppy in a second shoe store. This was eight days work altogether and lots of walking around a big city mall. Bit of a culture shock for me as I live in a small town. Basset Hounds and people watching galore.The photo below is of the second, larger puppy finished before the distressing of the paint to artificially age it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pop Art Murals

 Corporate Art designed to brighten up the working day of  the staff at Yellow Pages. Fun to do.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Auckland Forest Mural

 This 22 metre forest mural was designed on 18 large panels screwed to a fence. Working on site at the mercy of the weather in Winter was getting tedious so 15 panels came home to the nice warm studio

 At home in the Waihi studio is a warm fire and good lighting and music and who cares about the weather.
The mural panels are screwed to the wall two or three at a time and finished off. They were all under coated on site at Sue's place in Mount Roskill and will all go back there in a week or so when they are finished.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dog Mural; Commercial Art

 This mural had to be painted exactly from supplied artwork and then distressed and coated with a scumbled white to give the illusion of aging. It is branding of the Hush Puppy shoe line and was painted in a tight time frame. Commercial Art. I traveled to Wellington to do it and it was an opportunity to catch up with old friends and my brother who live there.

1925 Grocery Mural, Waihi, New Zealand

This mural I have been working on sporadically for a year. It is almost finished and is the most ambitious painting I have yet done. Old people love it as all the products in the store are from 1925 or earlier although I used a little artistic licence in that some products are from a little later. It contains references to World  War One, the British Empire, the 1919 flu epidemic, the great age of Radio and products readily available over the counter include gelignite, ammunition, strychnine and whale oil. Politically Correct? No. God save the King....

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Billboard Sculpture Installation

This was carved from one big block of polystyrene and was fixed to a billboard in central Auckland for a year. It was an advertisement for a new middle of the road radio station- more excitement in the middle of the road was the wording...
I was back at Hungry Creek Art school for a short time of study and Andrew Ventor, the Director of the school, had a son who owned some billboards in the city and had a client who wanted this on a billboard. Andrew and I went 50 50 on the job, he had the contract and setup money and the business acumen and I had the talent.
We figured out how to do it, how to frame and fix it and where to get the materials we needed and posed  Andrew's son and girlfriend in a photographer's studio that had a chaise longue and I took a ladder and a camera along and the couple embraced while I took a dozen or so photos of them from every possible angle.
Then began a frantic week of sculpting to a deadline while the Andrew made the mounting and fixing bits and pieces. It was a lot of fun and good money for an art student as I then was..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Mural Artist Mural

At last, a new mural. Been ages since I painted a mural. A self portrait?
Could be, Would be, Should be like that -
'Cause Horton was faithful, he sat and he sat -
I love kid's art and kid's literature...